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Flirtlocal Review 2023


Flirtlocal is an online dating platform that helps singles find their perfect match. It was launched in 2016 and has since become one of the most popular apps for finding love, companionship, or even just a casual fling. The app caters to all types of people looking for different kinds of relationships – from long-term commitments to short-term hookups. Flirtlocal boasts over two million active users worldwide and is available on both iOS and Android devices as well as desktop computers.

The primary target audience are adults aged 18+ who are interested in meeting new people either locally or internationally depending on what they’re looking for at any given time. Users can search through profiles based on age, gender, location etc., allowing them to narrow down potential matches according to their preferences before making contact with anyone else using the app’s built-in messaging system which also allows video chat capabilities if desired by both parties involved in a conversation thread..

Owned by Together Networks Limited (a company founded back in 2010), this platform enjoys great popularity among its users across five countries: United States, Canada UK Australia & New Zealand where it consistently ranks within top 10 best rated mobile applications under “dating” category thanks largely due its ease of use & intuitive design combined with many useful features like automated profile verification process that ensures only real members join each day keeping fake accounts away from other genuine ones while maintaining overall security levels high enough so everyone feels safe when engaging into conversations here..

As far as cost goes – registering an account itself doesn’t require any payment whatsoever however some premium services may be subject additional fees but these will always be clearly indicated beforehand giving user full control over his/her spending habits should he decide upgrade membership plan anytime later down road after testing out basic version first see how things go there before deciding whether investing more money would make sense not…

To get started simply download official application onto your device via App Store Google Play then follow instructions complete registration form providing valid email address along few details about yourself such name date birth nationality order start browsing around meet interesting people near you!

How Does Flirtlocal Work?

Flirtlocal is a mobile dating app that allows users to find and connect with potential matches. It offers an easy-to-use interface, allowing you to quickly browse through thousands of profiles from around the world. With its advanced search filters, you can narrow down your results by age range, location or even interests and hobbies – making it easier for you to find someone who shares similar values as yourself. The app also has a variety of messaging options such as text messages, video calls and voice chats so that users can get in touch with their desired match easily.

The Flirtlocal user base consists mainly of singles looking for casual relationships but there are also some people seeking long term commitments too – depending on what they’re looking for in life! You’ll be able to tell which type each profile belongs too based on the information provided within them; including pictures (if available), occupation/interests etcetera.. Furthermore this platform boasts over 5 million active members from all across five continents: Europe, North America , South America , Asia & Africa . This means no matter where you live chances are high that there’s somebody closeby waiting just right for YOU !

Once signed up using either Facebook or Google account credentials ; new members will have access create their own personalised profile page complete with photos & descriptions about themselves plus any other additional details they’d like share eith others – helping them stand out more when searching through hundreds if not thousands of different profiles online at once . Additionally every member must verify his/her email address before being allowed full access into this community ; ensuring only real individuals signup thus eliminating scammers & fake accounts altogether !

The FlirtLocal App makes finding compatible partners fun yet secure experience due its integrated safety features : All conversations between two persons happen inside private chat rooms instead public forums meaning everything said stays confidential until both parties agree otherwise while detailed privacy settings allow each individual decide how much info heshe wishes show off publicly without compromising one’s security whatsoever . Finally should anyone feel uncomfortable interacting another person then ‘Block User’ option comes handy letting himher stop communication immediately without having worry about further contact coming way ever again ..

  • 1.Video Chat: Connect with potential matches in real-time using the video chat feature.
  • 2. Private Messaging: Exchange messages and photos privately with other members of Flirtlocal.
  • 3. Matching System: Get matched up to compatible users based on your preferences and interests for a more efficient dating experience.
  • 4. Live Streams & Events: Participate in live streams or attend events hosted by Flirtlocal to meet new people, have fun, and make connections offline as well as online!
  • 5 .Verified Profiles : Know that you’re chatting with genuine singles thanks to our verification process which ensures all profiles are accurate and trustworthy before they can be used on the site/app..
  • 6 .Location Search : Find local singles near you easily through location search filters so you don’t miss out on any nearby opportunities!

Registration – How Easy Is It?

Registering on the Flirtlocal app is a straightforward process. To begin, users will need to provide their email address and create a password for their account. They can then fill out some basic information about themselves such as age, gender, location and what they are looking for in terms of dating or relationships. After submitting these details, users will be able to access the main features of the app including searching profiles and messaging other members that match with them based on interests or preferences indicated during registration. The minimum required age to join Flirtlocal is 18 years old and it’s free to register an account so you can start exploring right away!

  • 1.Users must be at least 18 years of age.
  • 2. A valid email address is required for registration and verification purposes.
  • 3. All users must provide a valid form of identification to prove their identity before using the service, such as a driver’s license or passport number with photo ID card attached (if applicable).
  • 4. An accurate profile description should be provided including gender, interests, hobbies etc., so that potential matches can find you more easily on the site’s search engine feature(s).
  • 5 .Users are expected to upload an appropriate photograph which accurately represents them; this will help other members identify who they may wish to contact/connect with in order for communication between parties involved take place efficiently and effectively without any misunderstandings occurring due to incorrect information being presented by either party involved in the interaction process via Flirtlocal platform/service..
  • 6 .All new users need agree upon all terms & conditions associated with use of website prior registering onto it – failure do so could result in account termination or suspension from accessing certain features available within its network environment without notice given if found breaking these rules set out by company itself during usage period taking part on there system.. 7 .A payment method needs also setup up when signing into flirt local – whether that would credit card details stored securely encrypted server-side along side personal data submitted through signup procedure completed successfully allowing access granted once validated correctly against database held records confirming legitimacy user accounts created active status enabled full time basis afterwards .. 8 Lastly but not least each individual registered has responsibility abide code conduct set forth policy document outlined section page accessible everyone viewing contents inside privacy statement included within guidelines issued compliance regulations governing online services used globally throughout world today day date specified agreement made initially joining membership club association started same instance

Design and Usability of Flirtlocal

The Flirtlocal app has a modern and sleek design, with an attractive color palette of blues and purples. The interface is easy to navigate, making it simple for users to find profiles of other people. Users can easily search by location or interests in order to narrow down their results. Usability-wise the app is straightforward; all features are clearly labeled and organized into categories that make them easy to access quickly when needed. With a paid subscription you get additional UI improvements such as larger profile pictures which makes browsing easier than ever before!

User Profile Quality

User profile quality on Flirtlocal is generally good. All profiles are public, so anyone can view them without having to sign up for an account. Users have the option of setting a custom bio and adding photos or videos in order to give other users more information about themselves. There is also a “friends” feature that allows users to connect with each other if they wish.

Flirtlocal offers privacy settings which allow users to control who can see their profile and what information they share with others online. They offer both Google and Facebook sign-in options as well as traditional registration methods, making it easy for new members to join quickly without compromising security or privacy concerns.. The site has measures in place designed specifically aimed at preventing fake accounts from being created, helping ensure only genuine people use the service .

Location info included within user profiles varies depending on individual preferences; some may choose not hide this data while others opt out of revealing any details regarding their location whatsoever – though there will usually be some indication given by distance between two parties when messaging one another regardless of whether city names are shown or not . Premium subscription holders benefit from additional features such as advanced search filters allowing them greater access when looking for potential matches based upon geographical area among many other factors


Flirtlocal is a popular dating website that has been around for many years. It offers users the chance to find and meet new people in their area, as well as communicate with them through chat rooms or instant messaging. The site also allows users to upload photos and videos of themselves, which can be used by other members when searching for potential matches. One of the main advantages of Flirtlocal is its user-friendly interface; it’s easy to navigate and use even if you’re not tech savvy. Additionally, it provides detailed profiles so that you can get an idea about someone before deciding whether they are right for you or not. On top of this, there’s no cost associated with using Flirtlocal – making it one of the most affordable online dating websites available today!

The app version differs from the website in terms features offered – such as location-based search capabilities – but both offer access to all major functions like profile creation/editing & communication options (chatting). In addition, some additional features may only be accessible on either platform due differences between mobile device functionality versus desktop browsers etc., so make sure your chosen platform supports what you need out your experience first! As far disadvantages go: because everyone uses different platforms (web vs app) depending on personal preference sometimes conversations might become fragmented across multiple devices leading potentially confusing situations regarding who said what where…etc..

Safety & Security

Flirtlocal is committed to providing its users with a secure online environment. To ensure the safety of all members, Flirtlocal has implemented several security measures that protect user data and prevent malicious activity from occurring on their platform. The first step in this process is verifying each user’s identity by requiring them to provide valid photo identification before they can access the site. This verification method helps weed out bots and fake accounts as well as reduce any potential fraud or abuse cases. Additionally, photos are manually reviewed by moderators for authenticity prior to being approved for use on the site; no AI-based solutions are used here so you know your pictures will remain safe and private at all times! Finally, two-factor authentication (2FA) provides an extra layer of protection when logging into your account – giving you peace of mind knowing that only authorized individuals have access to it at any given time.

In terms of privacy policy, FlirtLocal takes protecting its customers’ personal information very seriously: All customer data collected through their website remains strictly confidential and will never be shared with third parties without explicit consent from those involved – ensuring complete anonymity throughout every interaction made within their system! Furthermore, encrypted connections further safeguard against unauthorized intrusions while also allowing members full control over who views what content via various customizable settings available upon signup or upgrade plans if desired

Pricing and Benefits

Flirtlocal is a dating app that allows users to connect with other singles in their area. It has been gaining popularity recently due to its ease of use and the ability for users to find potential matches quickly. The question remains, however, whether or not Flirtlocal requires a paid subscription in order to access all features on the platform?

The answer is yes; while there are some basic functions available without paying anything, such as creating an account and browsing profiles of others within your local area, most advanced features require you pay for them. These include unlimited messaging capabilities and viewing full-sized photos uploaded by other members on the site. Prices vary depending on how long you choose your membership period: one month costs $29/month; three months cost $19/month ($57 total); six months cost $15/month ($90 total). In comparison with similar services these prices seem competitively priced given what they offer – although it should be noted that many sites have promotional offers which can reduce this price further still if taken advantage of at certain times throughout the year..

If someone decides they no longer wish continue using FlirtLocal after signing up then cancellation process is straightforward enough – simply log into your account settings page and select ‘cancel my subscription’ from drop down menu provided . Refunds may also be possible depending upon when exactly user cancelled their service but this must always checked first before cancelling any subscriptions just incase refunds cannot be issued under particular circumstances (such as if too much time has elapsed since initial purchase was made etc.)

So do people really need get paid subscription? Ultimately it depends upon individual needs & wants because free version does allow limited interaction between members plus view profile pictures , so those who only want browse around might decide stick free option rather than upgrade premium package . However anyone looking make real connections via website will almost certainly benefit more from getting premium plan due extra functionality offered through various packages mentioned above ..

Help & Support

Flirtlocal provides a variety of ways to access support. First, users can visit the website’s FAQ page for quick answers to commonly asked questions. This is an easy way to find out information about topics such as membership plans and account settings without having to contact customer service directly. Additionally, if users need further assistance they can submit a request via email or use the live chat feature on their profile page which connects them with one of Flirtlocal’s representatives in real time.

For more urgent matters, customers have access to phone support where trained professionals are available 24/7 for any inquiries related to billing issues or technical difficulties that may arise while using the site’s services. When calling customer service it is important that you provide your full name and username so they can easily locate your account details when assisting you with whatever issue needs resolving . The response time from these agents usually takes no longer than 5 minutes depending on how busy their call center lines are at any given moment .

Finally , there is also an online help desk system where members who experience problems accessing certain features within their accounts can fill out forms detailing what kind of issue they’re facing along with screenshots (if necessary) before submitting it directly into FlirtLocal’s ticketing system – this allows them track progress until resolution has been achieved by both parties involved in solving said problem(s). All requests sent through this method will typically receive responses within 48 hours but often times much sooner due its automated nature allowing quicker resolutions overall compared other methods mentioned above


1. Is Flirtlocal safe?

Flirtlocal is a dating website that offers users the opportunity to meet and interact with potential partners. While it can be an effective way to find compatible matches, there are some safety concerns associated with using this type of service. It is important for users to take precautions when interacting on Flirtlocal or any other online dating site in order to ensure their personal safety and security.

When signing up for Flirtlocal, it’s important not share too much personal information such as your full name, address or phone number until you have had time get know someone better through messaging first. Additionally, never give out financial details like credit card numbers over the internet unless you are absolutely sure who they belong too – even if someone claims they need them in order complete a transaction securely do not provide them without doing research into the company first! When meeting people from online sites face-to-face always make sure it takes place somewhere public where there will be plenty of witnesses around should anything go wrong; also let family members or friends know about your plans beforehand so that somebody knows what’s going on at all times during these meetings just incase something does happen unexpectedly!

2. Is Flirtlocal a real dating site with real users?

Yes, Flirtlocal is a real dating site with real users. It has been around since 2011 and offers its members the chance to meet other singles in their area who are looking for love or friendship. The website allows you to create an account and browse through profiles of potential matches before deciding if you would like to take things further by sending messages or arranging dates. To ensure that all users are genuine, there is a verification process which requires each user’s identity documents such as passport or driver’s license so that they can be verified against their profile information before being allowed access into the community. Furthermore, customer service representatives review any reported suspicious activity on the platform quickly so as not compromise anyone’s safety while using it

3. How to use Flirtlocal app?

Using the Flirtlocal app is easy and straightforward. To get started, simply download the app from your device’s App Store or Google Play store. Once you have downloaded it, open up the app and create an account with a valid email address. You will then be prompted to fill out some basic information about yourself such as age, gender, location etc., so that other users can find you easily when searching for potential matches in their area. Once this is done, you are ready to start using Flirtlocal! Browse through profiles of people who match your criteria or use one of its many search filters if there’s something specific that interests you; send messages back-and-forth; add members as friends – all these features help make finding someone special easier than ever before! With its simple yet powerful interface design and intuitive navigation system making connections has never been more enjoyable or efficient!

4. Is Flirtlocal free?

Flirtlocal is not a free service. It does offer a 3-day trial period, which allows users to explore the features of the website and decide if they want to upgrade their membership. After that, there are several different subscription options available for purchase on Flirtlocal’s website. These range from one month up to twelve months depending on how long you wish your subscription to last for. All subscriptions come with unlimited messaging capabilities so you can chat with as many people as you like without worrying about running out of messages or being limited in any way!

5. Is Flirtlocal working and can you find someone there?

Yes, Flirtlocal is a legitimate website and it can be used to find someone. The site has many features that make it easy for users to connect with each other. It allows you to search for potential matches based on your interests, location, age range and more. You can also view profiles of members who have similar interests as yours or are in the same area as you are located in. Additionally, there is an instant messaging feature which makes communication between two people easier than ever before! With its various tools such as chat rooms and forums available at your disposal; Flirtlocal offers great opportunities for singles looking to meet new people online or even start something serious with someone special they’ve met through the platform!


In conclusion, Flirtlocal is a great app for finding partners for dating. Its design and usability are very user-friendly with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate the site. The safety and security features ensure users can feel safe when using the app as all their data is kept secure from third parties. Furthermore, help and support are always available should any issues arise while using the service. Lastly, user profile quality on Flirtlocal is generally good but could be improved by adding more detailed information about each person’s interests or hobbies so potential matches have better insight into who they’re talking to before meeting up in real life. All things considered, this review has highlighted why Flirtlocal may be one of your best options if you’re looking for someone special online!

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